Blue Octopus Studio

Combining  knowledge, technology, uncompromising  professionalism, talent, and a great love for what we do, enables us to offer our clients web design services, with uncompromising standards.
Blue Octopus Studio consists of a team of experienced and perfectionist developers, creative and professionals, who live on the Internet and are familiar with all the steps and steps in creating a winning website.

Blue Octopus Web Developer

What are we doing?

In an age where competition is growing, we have the knowledge, the ability and the tools to provide Internet solutions that will differentiate you from the competition.

Web Development

Build unique, smart and customized sites, with a visible presence on the web. The sites are suitable for surfing on all devices and include a convenient and easy to operate management system.

Web Design

Characterizing the business, creating a unique and original visual language, and creating an attractive and pleasant visual design that will make the surfers stay and, of course, return to visit.

PSD 2 Html

Cutting the site into HTML in a professional and accurate manner, while ensuring that it is suitable for all types of devices, browsers and versions.

Digital Biz Card

Create smart, personalized business cards that include all the important information, photos, videos, and links that are compatible with all Smartphone's.

Landing Page

Design and construction of customized landing pages that integrate advanced communication forms and components, and ensure (and, of course, maintain) high conversion ratios.

Our Works

This is the place where there is really no need to exaggerate words, so we will suffice to invite you to be impressed…

Who We Are?

Talented, professional, passionate are the right words to describe all of our people.
So if you're wondering who the people are behind the screens (and complements), the answer here:

Blue Octopus Web Developer

Shimon Hadida

Web Developer

Blue Octopus Ux-Ui Designer

Yana Krasik

Ux-Ui Designer

Blue Octopus SEO Expert

Elliott Had

SEO Expert

Blue Octopus Creative

Noam Layani


Want To Look Different From Others?

Why Us?

Web Developers

Extensive experience, infinite knowledge and the use of innovative and advanced technology, enables our website developers to characterize the suitable and ideal site for each of the company's customers.

SEO Expert

The desired goal of every publisher is to reach the first page in Google with the relevant keywords. Our team includes SEO champions, which with endless knowledge, professional tools and exceptional technical capabilities, will carry your website all the way to the desired destination.


In English it might sound better, alongside our Israeli customers (whom we love very much). We also have customers from all over the world, so some of the sites in our portfolio have international extensions

Web Designers

Timeliness, creativity, thinking outside the box, and the ability to be attentive to the needs of customers are just some of the features that characterize good web designers - and we only have great web designers.

Creative content writing

We believe that a winning site is without a doubt a site with quality, original, creative, interesting and motivating content. Our content and creative people are experienced word wizards, writing creative marketing texts and issues that will catch the eyes of the surfers and motivate them to act.

Happy Clients

If we put aside the beautiful words, descriptions and compliments, the best way to measure the quality of our services is the level of customer satisfaction - our studio has a long list of satisfied customers.

What do customers think of us?

They say that love brings love, we really love what we do and we get a lot of love from customers who are supportive.

If You Like Us - Join Us

For you this is a small press of a button, for us it is a lot…

Feel Free To Contact Us

Any question, feedback, comment or enlightenment will be welcomed, and you will receive a quick and courteous response from our diligent team.

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